Stem Cell Therapy and Autism Awareness

Here at North Florida Stem Cells we wanted to recognize that April is Autism Awareness Month.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can have detrimental impact to both the individual and family members. Despite advantages in early detection and behavioral therapies, more effective treatment for children with ASD are needed.

Medical advancements in ASD care and management are already present to give hope and light to both children and their family.  Stem cell therapy is an innovative method that is known to potentially improve and transform the lives of children with ASD.

Stem cell therapy has been documented to improve the functional ability and living condition of those with autism. Stem cell therapy is the process of using stem cells, to help improve or manage a disease or condition.

In the case of autism, regenerative medicine may decrease inflammation throughout the body, promote brain circulation, and stimulate the brain to replace damaged neurons.

This advantageous  in improving brain tissue connections that can result to better brain reactions and functioning. With the advanced method of stem cell treatment, children with ASD may experience improvements in social, cognitive, communication, and behavioral competency.

Dealing with ASD can lead to disappointments. There are countless ways for parents to help children with autism and it is necessary to ensure that you get the support you need. You have to be emotionally strong as a parent or a caregiver. Every person with autism is unique, with distinct strengths and weaknesses.

A well structured, balanced management for ASD is valuable to support those affected with it so they can achieve health and wellness despite its limitations.

Stem cell therapy is an innovative method that is known to potentially improve and transform the lives of children with ASD. With ASD, stem cell therapy focuses specifically on getting cells to the brain where they need to be.

Patient testimonials are always welcome

We are grateful to the individuals who have shared their personal stories with us.

“I feel great! I’ve been able to cut down on my pain medications and walk 12k steps without being in immense pain. I haven’t been able to walk 10k steps in one day in two years.”

“I feel much better now. My neuropathy is better, and my back pain is improved in just two weeks after treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements.”

 “My energy is good. I feel so much better and have experienced overall improvement in just two weeks.”

 “Umbilical cord blood was amazing. I’ve been putting up with restless leg syndrome for 10 years, and it was gone overnight!”

 “I’m 60 years old and can now play tennis several times a week without the aches and pains of a person my age.”

 “My son has Autism, and after several treatments he is more curious, more engaging, more organized, and speaking more.”