Anti-aging treatments with stem cell therapy are important to consider

Using stem cells to increase muscle mass, mental acuity, and restore vitality and should be considered.

Aging is associated with functional decline of tissue and organs. Every cell in the body has a pre-programmed lifespan. As these cells die off, there exists a stem cell to produce a new one. However, as humans age, there is a sharp decline in the number of regenerative capacities of stem cells.

By age 55 most people have lost 98% of their stem cells and the 2% left do not function efficiently. Aging is thus the result of more cells dying than can be replaced.

Therefore, a therapy that can favor the balance toward regeneration will prevent or delay aging. There is a progressive loss of muscle fibers starting at age 50 and continues until death. The stem cells responsible for muscle regeneration die off and the ones left tend to make fat cells. Factors that can delay and prevent this are umbilical cord blood transfusion, exercise, and adequate protein intake. Umbilical cord blood stem cells have been shown to differentiate, as well as stimulate, a person’s own cells to replicate. Cells that can be divided include: muscle cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, tendon cells, heart cells, liver cells, neural cells, islet cells, and hearing cells. These stem cells can seek out damage and inflammation, and then communicate with surrounding cells to repair the damage.