Here are some FAQ (frequently asked questions) regarding umbilical cord stem cell treatment in Orange Park and Jacksonville by Eric Weiss, MD

Here are some frequently asked questions about stem cell treatments for children and adults. If you have a question, please give us a call. We would like to hear from you.

According to the latest data, 97% of patients have no adverse reactions. A small percentage may experience a mild headache, upset stomach, “flu” like symptoms, and/or pain at injection site. ASD patients may experience transient aggressive behavior.

The IV infusion takes about 30-45 minutes.

Studies show that patients will notice an improvement of symptoms within 10-14 days after treatment, with continued improvement for months after.

This depends on the condition and treatment end points. Many times there may be only one treatment or in some cases there may be a series of treatments. This can be discussed with Dr. Weiss prior to or after treatments.

It is given through a simple IV infusion. The cord blood comes as living tissues, thus it really is a transplant. The cord blood arrives from Stemell labs on dry ice and should be given within 24 hours of receiving and within minutes of thawing.

Patients should stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications one week before treatment, steroid medications and biologic DMARDs like Enbrel and Humira or ones similar two weeks before.

Individuals with cancer and active infections should not receive cord blood.

 We encourage exercise, therapy, and activities of daily living.