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Eric Weiss, MD, Uses Umbilical Cord Tissue And Cord Blood Stem Cells For Treatment Of Certain Medical Conditions At North Florida Stem Cells In Orange Park And Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Weiss chose a leading biotech company focused on obtaining and isolating stem cells to manufacture innovative cord blood tissue and cord blood products as North Florida Stem Cells’ primary resource. The company’s proprietary technology is changing the tradition that unwanted umbilical cords should be wasted; rather, cord blood and tissue should be utilized as products for healing medical therapies and treatments.

What are these cells?

Umbilical cord stem cells are living cells that are “transplanted” into the patient. It’s imperative to understand that the most beneficial cells must be alive. The industry standard for living cells at the time of infusion (transplantation) is between 40-60%. With the proprietary technology, viability is over 90% – another reason Dr. Weiss chose the company. It’s important to know that they have developed the industry’s golden standard of best practices for the viability of cells we use in our therapies and treatments. Their products are fresh and delivered directly to the lab right before the procedure.

The company is creating and developing new paths to therapy and making these cells available to physicians to manage pain and, in certain cases, heal medical conditions successfully. Dr. Weiss carefully reviewed and researched multiple labs that provide umbilical cord blood stem cells. He chooses them because of:

The viability of stem cells counts for these procedures. Dr. Weiss believes the biotech company leads the industry, covering stem cells, and sets the “gold standard” of providing the lab’s safest and most viable cells. Viewing the umbilical cord blood and tissue as the preeminent source of stem cells and biological components, they intend to create a new hybrid biobank in the future. Their contribution to the future of cellular-based therapies benefits humankind.

Knowing what stem cells can do for you is an important first step

Our responsibility is to educate each patient, so there is a clear understanding of stem cell therapy.

What are the eligibility criteria for a donor?

Discussions with physicians and/or the donor mother are conducted to identify conditions that may result in the exclusion of the donor or donated tissue. This information is used to determine that the donor suitability criteria at the time of tissue recovery have been met, and the tissue is acceptable for transplantation.

How does the proprietary technology collect fresh cells?

Human cord blood is collected by sterile technique from a pre-screened healthy pregnant donor at the time of delivery for:

The donor’s cells are collected in a CPD anticoagulant in a sterile collection bag at the time of delivery. Human cord blood stem cells are harvested in a certified, class-100 cleanroom under best practices. For quality control, each lot of umbilical cord blood stem cells is tested for growth and viability and then stored in freezing media, analyzed via a hematology analyzer, and counted with a cell counter.