Patient and parent testimonials on the success of stem cell therapy are important to our mission

We believe patient and parent testimonials our important because healing disease and injury are part of our mission.

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"I feel great! I’ve been able to cut down on my pain medications, I was able to walk 12,000 steps without being in immense pain and I haven’t been able to walk 10,000 steps in one day in two years."

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"Much better than I have been feeling. My neuropathy is better, and my back pain is improved in just two weeks after treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements."

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"Energy is good, I feel much better, overall improvement in just two weeks."

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"Umbilical cord blood was amazing; I’ve been putting up with restless leg syndrome for 10 years and it was gone over night."

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"I’m 60 years old and now can play tennis several times a week without the aches and pains of a person my age."

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"My son has Autism, and after several treatments he is more curious, more engaging, more organized and speaking more."

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