Patient and parent testimonials on the success of stem cell therapy are important to our mission

We believe patient and parent testimonials our important because healing disease and injury are part of our mission.

New doors are opening for our son, thanks to stem cell therapy (SCT) with Dr. Weiss! Our 5 year old son, with autism, was struggling to express himself, succeed in preschool, and engage in our busy household of 5 kids. He would get easily frustrated and it was heart-breaking to watch him melt down at no fault of his own.

It turns out, SCT was the extra boost he needed to help his little body continue to heal and therefore make huge gains socially and in language! His words have EXPLODED! Two weeks after his first treatment, he asked his first “wh” question! I almost fell off my chair! That was new and we KNOW it was stem cell induced! He happily makes jokes, loves to be funny and is a JOY to watch interact with his siblings, friends, teachers and therapists. It didn’t happen overnight, the gains are still happening with time… but the IV treatment that took less than 30 minutes in the office has been worth every amount of time and money needed to travel there from Michigan.

He’s had two rounds of SCT and we will definitely do more! While he still has much growth to make to be on par with his peers, his gains in language and social are nothing short of amazing. Once speaking in single words or maybe two words strung together, he now speaks in some full sentences! “It’s time to go play with friends!” “Let’s go to the (BMX) track!” And perhaps “I don’t want to do that!” when asked to throw his trash away! He may have even very confidentially stated, “Mom, I’d like a chocolate bar for lunch please!” I may or may not have said “You got it, little man!”

I would highly recommend stem cell treatment with Dr Weiss, if you are considering it. He, and his wonderful staff, are kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate!
“I feel great! I’ve been able to cut down on my pain medications, I was able to walk 12,000 steps without being in immense pain and I haven’t been able to walk 10,000 steps in one day in two years.”
“Energy is good, I feel much better, overall improvement in just two weeks.”
“Much better than I have been feeling. My neuropathy is better, and my back pain is improved in just two weeks after treatment. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements.”
“I’m 60 years old and now can play tennis several times a week without the aches and pains of a person my age.”
“Umbilical cord blood was amazing; I’ve been putting up with restless leg syndrome for 10 years and it was gone over night.”
“My son has Autism, and after several treatments he is more curious, more engaging, more organized and speaking more.”

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